Student Life


While benefiting from the combined campuses of Holy Spirit Parish and Holy Spirit Preparatory School, Holy Spirit College has a dedicated college environment including two dedicated lecture theaters, a library, student lounge, offices and a break-room.


In recent years, the College has focused on its graduate programs but is now in the process of relaunching its undergraduate program. The program’s initial focus is on students:

  •  attracted to small class-sizes and a tutored/mentored academic experience
  • who would benefit from a supportive progression to college level academics and/or a tailored transition from home or hybrid-schooling to institution-centered education
  • wanting to live with their family for all or part of their degree program
  • desiring a human-scaled educational community, committed to shared values
  • with a specific interest in Classical education
  • seeking a Liberal Arts core before deciding upon a major or concentration
  • contemplating service to the Church whether as ordained clergy, laity or religious
  • facing particular logistical obstacles from the structure of less flexible programs
  • aiming to lower the overall cost of earning a degree at a private college/university


Non-Catholic students that are supportive of the College’s mission and willing to fully participate in the student community are welcomed, while Catholic students (and any non-Catholics seeking to actively participate in a Catholic faith community) are offered:

  •  Participation in Daily Mass at Holy Spirit Parish
  • Scheduled retreats
  • Core and advanced courses in Theology and Philosophy
  • Opportunities for spiritual direction and confession
  • Participation in Church organizations, activities and apostolates
  • Mission opportunities
  • Support if wishing to discern/prepare for a vocation and/or higher theological studies