Holy Spirit College Adds New Undergraduate Admission Test Alternative

Posted: 7/17/2018

Holy Spirit College Adds New Undergraduate Admission Test Alternative

Holy Spirit College is pleased to announce that the undergraduate program will now accept Classic Learning Test (CLT) scores for admissions.  As the College grows and prepares to begin accepting undergraduate students again for the fall of 2019, students will now have another way to showcase their academic achievement on their applications.  Students take the CLT on a computer or tablet, and receive same-day results. 

“We think the CLT is a great reflection of the curriculum students will encounter at Holy Spirit College.  We want our students to be able to engage with complex ideas at a deep level.  With authors like G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Flannery O’Connor as the basis for test materials, the CLT will give prospective Holy Spirit College students a great way to showcase their knowledge with such ideas even before they arrive on campus,” says Provost Eric Wearne.

 The CLT was created in 2015, as its founders sought a way for students from a variety of schooling and homeschooling backgrounds to present their academic skills and abilities to colleges. According to Classic Learning Initiatives, the CLT’s parent company, the CLT “invites students to wrestle with works of the greatest minds in history across literary and mathematical content.”

As the only Catholic college based in Georgia, Holy Spirit College believes that adding the CLT is one more way to find “dedicated, curious learners willing to engage great ideas and texts from the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition.”

To learn more about the CLT, please visit here.

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