Holy Spirit College Launches New Certificate Programs

Holy Spirit College is excited to announce the launch of its new certificates programs.  Students of any background may participate in a variety of special topics courses related to the Faith on a course-by-course basis, without enrolling in a full degree program.


The three new certificate programs offered by the College include:


Catholic Studies Certificate


Following Ex corde ecclesiae, the Catholic Studies certificates program's mission is to promote course offerings that 1. encourage “reflection and research on human knowledge in light of the Catholic faith,” and 2. maintain “fidelity to the Christian message in conformity to the Magisterium of the Church.” This program consists of a broad series of special topics courses focused in particular    areas of Theology, the humanities, sciences, and social sciences from a Catholic perspective. Completion of the certificate involves the collection of several courses offered at Holy Spirit College, online through Pontifex University or another partner, or through a program located at a parish.  In some cases, courses taken may apply toward degree requirements.


Basic Catechist Certification


The College also offers Basic Catechist Certification courses, following the curriculum of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  This program covers all of the modules required by the Archdiocese. The College offered this program in 2018-19, both at Holy Spirit College and elsewhere in the Archdiocese, and has recommended a number of students to the Archdiocese for inclusion as certified catechists.


Certificate in Sacred Art


The Certificate in Sacred Art is a blended program, leveraging courses taught online by artists through Pontifex University.  Students seeking this certificate take a series of online classes in fine art and Theology through Pontifex University, and complete a live studio art class in Atlanta.


“We want to provide people around Atlanta with a variety of ways to study the Faith at a deeper level,” said Eric Wearne, Holy Spirit College’s Provost.  “This fall we plan to offer courses in bioethics, Church history, classical education, and Flannery O’Connor and Walker Percy.  There are an infinite number of topics that people would like to study in the light of the Faith, and we hope to provide ways for more students to do that.”


The College anticipates offering more certificates in additional areas in the future. 


Holy Spirit College’s page may be found at www.holyspiritcollege.org.

To register for courses, contact: kschulman@holyspiritcollege.org