The Master of Religious Education (MRE) Program

The Overall Purpose of the Master of Religious Education Program

The chief aim of the MRE program at Holy Spirit College is to prepare degree candidates to assume roles of ministerial leadership in education. By working toward fulfillment of the degree requirements, students will the acquire knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the task of the religious educator with great competence.


MRE for Educator Summer Intensive Program

The purpose of this program is to enable educators to earn a Master of Religious Education degree from Holy Spirit College through a combination of summer coursework on campus and online coursework during the school year.  Up to 1/3 of the coursework will be done online during the school year, while the rest will be completed live on site at Holy Spirit College during the summers.  Students will be able to earn the degree over the course of three summers and one final semester.  The structure of the program is as follows:

Summer 1:
Intro to Sacred Theology (1.5)
Fundamental Theology (1.5)
Philosophy of Catholic Education (3)

Students will take Fundamental Theology and Philosophy of Catholic Education on campus at Holy Spirit College.  In addition, they will take Intro to Sacred Theology via Pontifex at their own pace during this summer.  This will give the students an introduction to the Pontifex platform, which they will use more frequently in future semesters.

Fall 1 and Spring 1:
One Pontifex course each semester (3 credits each)
Spirituality and Development of the Catholic Educator (3)

Over the course of the program, students will take 5 courses through Pontifex University:
-Intro to Sacred Theology (taken during Summer 1);
-The Old Testament in Words and Images;
-The Bible and Liturgy;
-Elective courses totaling 6 credit hours.
In Fall 1 and Spring 1, students should take one of the remaining four Pontifex courses each semester, in whatever order they choose. 

In addition, students will take Spirituality and Development of the Catholic Educator on site at HSC.  This course will be built to overlap with HSC’s catechist certification course (though it will likely include additional work beyond the certification process).  By completing this course students will therefore also earn Archdiocesan Basic Catechist Certification.  Students may choose to take this course either during the Fall or Spring, as best suits their schedule.  This is the only course students must take on site at HSC during the school year.  If a student were to enter the program with Basic or Master Catechist certification, we may consider allowing them to take an additional 3 credit elective instead.

Summer 2:
Trinitarian Theology and Christology (3)
Theories of Religious Education (3)

Both of the courses will be taught on site at HSC.

Fall 2 and Spring 2:
One Elective course each semester (3 credits each).  These may be taken online through Pontifex or live at Holy Spirit College.

Students will complete their online coursework during this school year.  If, for some reason, they did not complete the Spirituality and Development of the Catholic Educator course during Fall 1 or Spring 1, they may do so during this school year.

Summer 3:
Moral Theology (3)
Curriculum and Assessment (1.5)
Classroom Management (1.5)

All of these courses will be taught on site at HSC.

Fall 3:
Practicum (3)

Students will complete a final paper during this semester, related to their position in a school, and will graduate in December.

The College will start a new cohort each summer, and students may take the courses in various orders, though any new student will start with Introduction to Sacred Scripture through Pontifex at the start of their first summer.


MRE Program Plan

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