The Master of Religious Education Program (MRE)


The Overall Purpose of the Master of Religious Education Program
The Professional Specialization of the Religious Educator

The chief aim of the MRE program at Holy Spirit College is to prepare degree candidates to assume roles of ministerial leadership in the professional specialization of religious education. By working toward fulfillment of the degree requirements, students will the acquire knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the task of the religious educator with great competence.


Goals of the Master of Religious Education Program

The MRE program at Holy Spirit College is a professional program rather than an academic program. In accordance with the professional nature of this degree, the College has established a number of general goals which it strives to help students meet.


(1) Theological Reflection regarding the Task of Religious Education

A primary goal of the MRE program is for students to develop the ability to reflect theologically upon the task of religious education. Degree candidates will come to understand the process of religious education and the principles which regulate this unique form of pedagogy. Students will also be prepared to evaluate catechetical programs and curriculum, as well as to respond\ constructively to problems encountered during curriculum evaluations.


(2) Professional Skills

A second goal which the College maintains for students enrolled in the MRE program is that they obtain skills which will contribute to their efforts to assess religious education programs, either when helping to design and implement new programs, or to revise existing programs.


(3) Theological Foundations

The MRE program at Holy Spirit College also maintains the goal for degree candidates that they come to understand the various theological disciplines with which religious education is concerned and upon which it is founded.


(4) Personal and Spiritual Growth

A fourth goal for students is that they grow both personally and spiritually while studying for fulfillment of the MRE degree requirements.

(5) Ability to Fulfill Various Ministerial Roles

The College also seeks that through coursework and the experience acquired in the program, degree candidates will come to understand the ministerial roles which they may be asked to fulfill after graduation.


Program Content

The Holy Spirit College MRE program involves the study both of Catholic sacred theology and of the principles, methods, and procedures unique to the task of the professional religious educator. The program is not simply an accumulation of coursework but concerns the professional formation of students as religious educators. While the program is primarily professional in nature, it contains a significant academic component and exposes students to a wide-range of theological and educational resources. Required theology coursework enables MRE students to investigate the religious heritage
of the Catholic tradition, while the practicum component serves to exemplify how religious educators mediate this tradition within particular cultural contexts. Required religious education courses enable students to deepen their understanding of their chosen area of professional specialization, while the College’s integration with parish life (as well as focused coursework) provides opportunity for personal and spiritual formation.


Location of the Master of Religious Education Program

Courses for the Holy Spirit College MRE degree are offered primarily on the main campus of the College which is located at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in north Atlanta. At times, individual courses may be scheduled at satellite classroom facilities associated with other Catholic parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. By pursuing graduate education in a traditional classroom setting, students at the College participate in a community of learning where faculty and students have regular opportunities for substantive and personal interaction. With approval of the academic dean, a student may also pursue a directed reading under the guidance of a faculty member in order to obtain elective credit toward the MRE degree.

MRE Degree Requirements

Credit Distribution
36 hrs. Total
15 hrs. Theology Core Courses
15 hrs. Religious Education Core Courses
6 hrs. Electives
Summative Paper (RLED 670)