Spring Semester 2019 Classes

Registration is currently underway for our 2019 Spring Courses. To register, please download the course registration form and return to Kim Schulman. Please contact Kim Schulman with questions at kschulman@holyspiritcollege.org

The following courses will be offered:

THEO Basic Catechist Certification Course (1.5 credits)
Wednesdays, Beginning January 16, 2019
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. | Malta Hall at Holy Spirit College                                               
Dr. Eric Wearne

Introduction to Dante (6-week course)
Mondays, Beginning February 23, 2019
9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. | Malta Hall at Holy Spirit College
Fr. Josh Allen

THEO 650 – Moral Theology (3 credits)
Monday/Wednesday evenings, Wednesday, January 9 – Monday, April 29, 2019
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. | Classroom 15 at Holy Spirit College
Dr. Chris Gustafson

THEO 570 - Trinitarian Theology and Christology (3 credits)
*New: Online Course on Zoom Platform
Times and Dates TBD
Dr. Matthew McWhorter


Course Descriptions and Registration Forms:

THEO 695 BASIC CATECHIST CERTIFICATION COURSE: The Basic Catechist Course is intended to equip beginning catechists with sufficient background knowledge and skills to begin teaching. It centers around the four dimensions that should be developed and balanced within a catechist:  the catechist as an individual, theology, characteristics of learners, and teaching methods. Topics of discussion include the spirituality of the catechist, overviews of scripture, of Catholic morality, of Church history, and of liturgy and the sacraments, among others. The course also includes discussion of child/adolescent development, various teaching methods, and session planning and management. Some experiences outside of class are required. This course follows the curriculum of the Archdiocese of Atlanta as outlined in the document “Communicating the Catholic Message,” except Safe Environment Training which should be completed at one’s local parish/school.

(1.5 credit hours; $735 for credit; audit fee $150)

Basic Catechist Certification Course - Spring 2019 Registration Form


INTRODUCTION TO DANTE: Dante Alighieri completed his monumental Divine Comedy in 1320.  It consists of three parts, the Inferno, the Purgatorio, and the Paradiso.  Dante draws heavily on the theological thought of St. Thomas Aquinas in his presentation of life after death.  This course will be a beginner’s look at the Divine Comedy through a theological lens.  We will especially be concerned with how Dante interprets St. Thomas and incarnates the doctrine of the Last Things in his poetry.  Because of the introductory nature of the course, we cannot spend much time on the literary style and allusions of Dante, though these are very interesting, but a student completing this course would be well-situated to do a more in-depth reading on their own or via other courses.  We will spend two weeks each on the three sections of the work, and specific passages will be assigned to assist us in efficiently digesting the material and making it accessible to students who might not have much exposure to poetry or to theology.

(Audit fee of $150)

Introduction to Dante - Spring 2019 Flyer

Introduction to Dante - Spring 2019 Registration Form


THEO 650: MORAL THEOLOGY: This course examines the moral life in the light of human reason illumined by faith in Christ – a faith mediated by the Scriptures, the Catholic tradition and the living Magisterium of the Church. The course first treats basic questions of fundamental moral theology such as the question of human purpose, happiness, the meaning of moral freedom, the role of conscience and its relationship with the moral teachings of the Church, the character of natural moral law and the way in which this law is perfected by the revealed law of love, the structure of the human act, virtue and vice, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit as related to the moral life. On this basis, the course then examines Catholic teachings regarding social ethics, social justice, marriage and family, human sexuality, and health care ethics. Pope John Paul II’s Veritatis Splendor is a primary text of the course. Many of these topics will be explored with reference to Aquinas’s Summa theologiae. (3 credit hours)

(3 credit hours; $1,470 for credit; audit fee $300)

THEO 650: Moral Theology - Spring 2019 Flyer

THEO 650 Moral Theology - Spring 2019 Registration Form


THEO 570 TRINITARIAN THEOLOGY AND CHRISTOLOGY: The foundational mysteries of the Christian religion affirm that God is three Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and that the second Person – Jesus Christ – was incarnate, suffered, and rose again. To what extent can Catholic sacred theology understand these mysteries? This course explores Christian faith in the Triune God, as well the incarnation and Paschal Mystery of Christ (Jesus’s death and resurrection). The historical development of Christian creeds will be examined as well as the major thinkers who participated in the ancient dogmatic controversies which were addressed at the first six ecumenical councils (for example, Nicaea, Ephesus, Chalcedon). In addition to understanding how the Church’s doctrine concerning the Trinity and Christ developed by way of clarification in response to errors, students will also investigate Christ’s role as Redeemer, the Paschal Sacrifice, the doctrines of satisfaction and justification, and the centrality of Christ for human salvation. (3 credit hours)

(3 credit hours; $1,470 for credit; audit fee $300)

THEO 570 Trinitarian Theology and Christology - Spring 2019 Registration Form



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