Certificate Programs

Holy Spirit College offers a number of sub-degree certificates in a variety of areas.   The programs typically involve the collection of several courses offered at Holy Spirit College, online through Pontifex University or another partner, or through a program located at a parish.  In some cases, courses taken may apply toward degree requirements.

Certificate in Catholic Studies

Following Ex corde ecclesiae, the Catholic Studies Program’s mission is to promote course offerings that 1. encourage “reflection and research on human knowledge in light of the Catholic faith,” and 2. maintain “fidelity to the Christian message in conformity to the Magisterium of the Church.” This program consists of the College’s Moral Theology class and a series of special topics courses focused in particular areas of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences from a Catholic perspective. Completion of the certificate requires the completion of Moral Theology, and the collection of 6 additional courses, at least 3 of which must be earned through Holy Spirit College on site (the rest of which may be earned online through Pontifex University or another HSC partner).  These additional classes typically last 6-10 weeks or are part of regular degree programming.

Certificate in Sacred Art

The Certificate in Sacred Art introduces students to visual arts as a way of encountering the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Faith and of Catholic culture. This program consists of a series of sacred arts courses taught online through Pontifex University, a Catholic institution focused on the visual arts, along with a live studio art class held on site at Holy Spirit College. Courses may be taken in any order. Required courses include:

• A History and Practical Theology of Images
• The Mathematics of Beauty
• An Introduction to the Artistic Method for Artists and Patrons
• Studio Art Class

Basic Catechist Certification

Holy Spirit College offers a course which follows the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s curriculum for Basic Catechist Certification, “Communicating the Catholic Message.” 

In order to complete the certification requirements, students will attend the following sessions during the course, and must also complete Archdiocese of Atlanta Safe Environment training, a spiritual enrichment experience, and a session observation of another teacher:

• Ministry of Catechesis
• Spirituality of the Catechist
• Spiritual Enrichment

• Overview of Scripture
• Catholic Morality
• Church History
• What the Church Believes
• Liturgy and Sacraments
• Prayer and Spirituality

• Faith and Moral Development
• Spirituality of the Child/Adolescent

Methods (Varies by age level)
• Effective Catechesis and Session Management
• General Methods Elective
• Session Observation

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