Academics at Holy Spirit College


In his classic work The Idea of a University, John Henry Newman extols a liberal arts education for its ability to produce the philosophical habit of the mind conducive to clear writing, sophisticated reading, and critical thinking. Newman called such an education “a great but ordinary means to a great but ordinary end.” Holy Spirit College seeks to foster a habit of lifelong learning, allowing students to secure that great but ordinary end of education while deepening their spiritual life.

Through its academic programs, the College encourages students to develop self-knowledge, a desire for truth, a concern for others, and esteem for justice. The College endeavors to help students develop a sense of community and responsibility which prepares them for future positions of leadership in building a more human society.


The College seeks to educate and form students who, as leaders in professional and civic life, will live by the highest intellectual and ethical standards. In service of this goal, the College strives to create an environment in which integrated learning is a shared task. This task leads all members of the College community to make the best of their own talents, to work together, to be sensitive to one another, to serve one another, and to seek justice within the College and broader community.