Chancellor's Message


Holy Spirit College offers an opportunity for visionary students to experience a great Catholic institution of higher learning and to play a unique role in establishing traditions that will influence generations of future students while undertaking their personal pursuit of knowledge in an authentic and faithful Catholic academic community unified in its commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition.


Were it not for the state of the art facilities and educational technology, the experience of our students as they work closely with the faculty and each other would have many parallels with that of the students present at the founding of the great liberal arts colleges in the 11th and 12th centuries (some of which are better known today as the Sorbonne, The University of Paris, Oxford and Cambridge) or perhaps the students that were present in the 19th century at the founding of The University of Notre Dame du Lac by Father Sorin and his seven brothers. While the facilities available to Holy Spirit College are a far cry from the log cabin chapel occupied by Father Sorin I have little doubt that a century from now they too will be seen as the seed from which a great institution grew.


To all students who have an intellectual and spiritual thirst for the pursuit of truth and beauty I extend a heartfelt invitation to join us in this great endeavor, to rise to the challenge to study at the most rigorous of levels and to lend their unique and God given talents to the creation of a fabled institution dedicated to His greater glory.


Msgr. Edward J. Dillon, J.C.D.
Chancellor, Holy Spirit College