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  • *** Summer Class in Medieval Theology Offered ***
    THEO 690 – Special Topic: History of Medieval Theology (3 hrs) Saturdays, beginning 5/28, 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. This course will provide an overview of the development of Western sacred theology during the medieval time period (from the early sixth century to the middle of the fourteenth century). Particular consideration will be given to thinkers during the Carolingian renaissance, the Ottonian renaissance, the twelfth century renaissance, as well as to the advent of theology faculties at Paris and Oxford. While important Saints and Doctors of the Church will be examined (such as Gregory the Great, Isidore, Albert, and especially Aquinas), equal consideration will be given to lesser known persons influential upon the development of sacred theology as an academic discipline (such as Alcuin, Abelard, Lombard, Alexander of Hales, and Ockham). These theologians will be considered from both biographical-historical as well as theological-doctrinal perspectives. Degree students will have an opportunity to conduct focused research on the medieval theologian of their choice and present this research to the class. Some facility with the Latin language will be helpful but not required as a prerequisite for this course. To register, please contact Kim Schulman. Read More »
  • HSP Offers New Degree Program in Fall 2016
    Holy Spirit College is pleased to announce a new degree program: the Master of Religious Education (MRE) program. The MRE program is aimed toward preparing degree candidates to assume roles of ministerial leadership in the professional specialization of religious education. By working toward fulfillment of the degree requirements, students will acquire knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the task of the religious educator with great competence both in the parish and school settings. Holy Spirit’s MRE program involves the study of both Catholic sacred theology and of the principles, methods, and procedures unique to the task of the professional religious educator. The theology coursework enables MRE students to investigate the religious heritage of the Catholic tradition, while the practicum component serves to exemplify how religious educators mediate this tradition within particular contexts. Courses are taught by clergy and lay professors who will instill a firm theological foundation, impart professional skills, and assist in the personal and spiritual growth of their students. Now enrolling for Fall 2016. Please click here for more information or contact Dr. Matthew McWhorter.  Read More »
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