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  • *** Holy Spirit College Announces 2019-20 Undergraduate Grants ***
    Holy Spirit College is pleased to announce funding dedicated to enabling undergraduate students in need to attend in Fall 2019.  “It’s not often that anyone gets to participate in startup college programs, but that opportunity exists at Holy Spirit College this fall. We are hoping to get a great group of students for this first startup year as we gear up to grow and to build our programs,” said Holy Spirit College Provost Dr. Eric Wearne.   “Students from Catholic schools, public schools, and home schoolers are all welcome to apply for a grant and to join us as we launch the new undergraduate program at Holy Spirit College.” Funding will come in the form of partial tuition waivers along with a work study commitment. The full grant award details and application may be found here:   Contact: Read More »
  • Holy Spirit College and Ave Maria University Announce Transfer Partnership
    Holy Spirit College and Ave Maria University are pleased to announce an undergraduate transfer agreement between the two institutions.  Under this agreement, students who complete the Core Curriculum at Holy Spirit College may transfer those credits to Ave Maria University, fully satisfying the Core Curriculum requirements at AMU.  This provides students with the option of remaining at Holy Spirit College to earn a BPhil (Bachelor of Philosophy) degree with optional concentrations including: Catholic Classical Education, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, or transferring to Ave Maria to pursue their choice of 34 majors and 27 minors. Ave Maria University’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Roger Nutt said, “We are excited to partner with Holy Spirit College to enhance the educational opportunities for their students.  This pathway will allow students to complete their degrees in one of our many programs at Ave Maria as seamlessly as possible.” Holy Spirit College Provost Dr. Eric Wearne said: “We are grateful for this partnership with Ave Maria University. This agreement will afford Holy Spirit College students an opportunity to begin their college studies here in Atlanta, and then go on to complete one of the many majors offered by AMU.  The shared Catholic identity between the two schools makes this an excellent fit for the institutions and an excellent opportunity for students.”   Holy Spirit College’s undergraduate studies page may be found at Ave Maria University’s undergraduate majors page may be found at Contact: Read More »
  • Holy Spirit College Named to National Catholic Register’s 2018 Catholic Identity College Guide
    The latest edition of the National Catholic Register’s Catholic Identity College Guide includes Holy Spirit College as one of only 38 “faithfully Catholic colleges and universities” in the United States. Colleges respond to questions addressing issues critical to Catholic Identity: 1. Does the president make the public “Profession of Faith” and take the “Oath of Fidelity”? 2. Is the majority of the board of trustees Catholic? 3. Is the majority of the faculty Catholic? 4. Do you publicly require all Catholic theology professors to have the mandatum? 5. Did all Catholic theology professors take the “Oath of Fidelity”? 6. Do you provide daily Mass and posted times (at least weekly) for individual confession? 7. Do you exclude advocates of abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, cloning or advocates of the redefinition of marriage as commencement speakers and/or recipients of honorary degrees? 8. Do you exclude sponsoring campus groups and clubs that are not in line with Catholic teaching? 9. Do you prohibit coed dorms? 10. Do your student health services prohibit referrals to abortion businesses? Responses of “Yes” to the above questions reflect “essential elements of the renewal of Catholic identity called for by Pope St. John Paul II’s 1990 apostolic constitution on higher education, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (Out of the Heart of the Church), its 2000 ‘Application to the United States,’ canon law and other relevant Church documents.” Dr. Eric Wearne, Provost of the College said: “We are honored by this acknowledgement. Our identity as an authentic Catholic institution is fundamental to our mission and to every program that we offer.”   Holy Spirit College offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Theology and Philosophy from its Atlanta campus together with individual courses that can be taken for credit or audit. Undergraduate concentrations offered include both Business and Education. Admissions applications are accepted on a rolling basis    Holy Spirit College’s page may be found at The entire print version of the 2018 Catholic Identity College Guide may be found at: Contact:   Read More »
  • Holy Spirit College Adds New Undergraduate Admission Test Alternative
    Holy Spirit College Adds New Undergraduate Admission Test Alternative Holy Spirit College is pleased to announce that the undergraduate program will now accept Classic Learning Test (CLT) scores for admissions.  As the College grows and prepares to begin accepting undergraduate students again for the fall of 2019, students will now have another way to showcase their academic achievement on their applications.  Students take the CLT on a computer or tablet, and receive same-day results.  “We think the CLT is a great reflection of the curriculum students will encounter at Holy Spirit College.  We want our students to be able to engage with complex ideas at a deep level.  With authors like G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Flannery O’Connor as the basis for test materials, the CLT will give prospective Holy Spirit College students a great way to showcase their knowledge with such ideas even before they arrive on campus,” says Provost Eric Wearne.  The CLT was created in 2015, as its founders sought a way for students from a variety of schooling and homeschooling backgrounds to present their academic skills and abilities to colleges. According to Classic Learning Initiatives, the CLT’s parent company, the CLT “invites students to wrestle with works of the greatest minds in history across literary and mathematical content.” As the only Catholic college based in Georgia, Holy Spirit College believes that adding the CLT is one more way to find “dedicated, curious learners willing to engage great ideas and texts from the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition.” To learn more about the CLT, please visit here. Read More »
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